Josie is truly an inspirational influence of energy and guidance.  She is passionate, articulate, and demonstrates an offering of intuition into your own personal self-discovery and innate being.   She is a pure joy to be around and will keep you feeling confident as you take on the present moment and continue to awaken individual growth of self.  Zach G.

Josie has a gift for healing.  Over the years I have had numerous opportunities to benefit from these gifts.  She has mastered a wide variety of tools and techniques and can utilize whatever works best for an individual and any given circumstance.  Josie creates a safe and comfortable environment for you to share and heal.  I’ve used her services in person and over the phone and have found both to be equally effective.  Connie A.

There is a specific and powerful presence that Josie brings to her sessions of ThetaHealing that is wonderful to experience as she assists in having a client discern the root of a current problem and the gifts it has to offer as well. I always come away uplifted and more confident after a session with Josie. Barbara Rose G.

I loved my Soul Astrology reading with Josie. The reading explained a great deal about my previous life choices, which have often confused me. But even more importantly, it clearly showed a path forward that I have been feeling strongly. She gave words, validation and the ‘blessing’ of the planets on the path my soul has been nudged and shoved me towards recently. Carol M.

My ThetaHealing session with Josie helped me to look at my negative core beliefs with neutrality, to trust myself, and to feel more empowered. Josie is a compassionate guide who will gently and safely lead you through your healing process. Helen K.