Soul-Centered Astrology

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by looking at your astrological chart?

Do you want to know your soul’s evolutionary path?

I focus on the following areas to help you get clarity about

your soul's journey in this lifetime.

Josie Collins MS CPCC Pathway to Your Soul Coaching

Josie is a Certified  Professional Co-Active Coach, Certified Angel Energy Healer, Certified Theta  Healer, and has a Masters in Counseling.

Josie was a teacher, counselor in the addiction field for over 22 years, and was also a Grief and Spirituality Counselor. She has been coaching clients and offering a variety of groups since 1999.

Josie has always been interested in the Soul’s Journey; thus the  name of her business “Pathway to Your Soul Coaching.” Her passion is to  “Help You to Know Who You Truly Are” and to “Create the Life They  Really Want.” She believes we are here to create our own version of Heaven on  Earth! 


Josie has a passion for Soul-Centered Astrology, and, particularly helping others to know their soul's journey using the South and North Node (North  Star).  She also uses the placement of Chiron (the Wounded Healer), the Part of Fortune (where you experience natural joy and abundance), and The Sun, Moon, and Ascendant to gain additional insight.

Josie particularly loves combining her gifts and skills as a counselor, life coach, and astrologer. She helps clients gain insight into their strengths and gifts, healing their wounds and inner child, and bringing the courage to take the next steps to move their lives forward. She helps her clients connect to their higher guidance for the best possible outcome in their lives and to align with their soul’s purpose.

Josie draws from her own life experiences, knowledge, and wisdom to guide her clients on their path to create a life filled with more joy, grace, ease, wholeness, and well-being.

Image by Josh Rangel
Zodiac Chart


"I loved my Soul Astrology reading with Josie. The reading explained a great deal about my previous life choices, which have often confused me. But even more importantly, it clearly showed a path forward that I have been feeling strongly. She gave words, validation and the 'blessing' of the planets on the path my soul has been nudged and shoved me towards recently."

-Carol M.