Soul-Centered Astrology

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by looking at your astrological chart?

Do you want to know your soul’s evolutionary path?

I focus on the following areas to help you get clarity about

your soul's journey in this lifetime.

Over the years I came to the conclusion that astrology readings can be just too complicated and overwhelming at times!  I  decided to direct my consultations and classes more towards the soul’s evolution.

My consultations and classes are based on the following aspects of astrology.

Three Main Signs:

Sun- Your core self, your vital force and your unique identity. A key phrase for the sun is: "Where You Shine!"

Moon- Your emotional nature, how you get your emotional needs met.

Ascendant- Your personality, how you present yourself to the world, how others see you.



South Node tells a story about the past: Influence of heredity and karma; where you overdid in past lifetimes (and probably early in this lifetime); your default when we are not being fully conscious.

North Node describes when your soul yearns to learn and experience it this lifetime. The placement does not always feel comfortable but walking into that energy truly is the key to happiness, liberation and fulfillment.



This is the symbol for the "wounded healer."  It is based on Greek mythology where Chiron was a healer, philosopher, and teacher, and, who ironically could not heal himself.  The placement in the chart can reveal a core emotional or physical wound that often happens in childhood and can take a lifetime to work through. Chiron is the key to our secret power and where we can become the "wounded healer who heals."

Part of Fortune:


This symbol shows the area in your life where you naturally can experience joy and abundance.



Obtain your personal chart or give one as a gift!


I will generate your Natal Chart, Transits Chart, or Children's Chart for $20.00! 

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"I loved my Soul Astrology reading with Josie. The reading explained a great deal about my previous life choices, which have often confused me. But even more importantly, it clearly showed a path forward that I have been feeling strongly. She gave words, validation and the 'blessing' of the planets on the path my soul has been nudged and shoved me towards recently."

-Carol M.

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