DNA Theta Healing

  Certified DNA Healing Practioner

ThetaHealing is a meditational process that creates physical, psychological and spiritual healing of unconscious or conscious beliefs that are stored in our DNA. These beliefs can be on different levels: core, genetic, history and/or soul level. Working at the Theta level connects us with the Creator and we ask the Creator of All That Is for the healing of these beliefs.

Please contact me if you have any questions at all in regards to this healing.  These sessions can be done in person, FaceTime or Zoom.



" There is a specific and powerful presence that Josie brings to her sessions of ThetaHealing that is wonderful to experience as she assists in having a client discern the root of a current problem and the gifts it has to offer as well. I always come away uplifted and more confident after a session with Josie."


Barbara Rose G.