Angel Energy Healing  

Certified Angel Energy Healing Practitioner

Angel Energy Healing is a process of drawing in pure healing of Love, Angelic Light and Divine Frequency and radiating this healing energy of Light and Love to you.


Angel Energy Healing works to align you with Divine Healing Love according to Divine Will, and, therefore has a way of knowing and serving you in the way that you most needs now.


I have also been trained to channel the Archangels , Masters, and Guides and these sessions may include such guidance.

Check the Services page for any upcoming events, or for your personal Angel Healing session.

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" Josie led me through a beautiful experience in which some special archangels had a message for me. It deeply resonated especially which angel came forward. After this healing session, I truly felt a period of conscious covering over my life. Lookinf forward to connecting with them through the process again!"


~Saba E.