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Life Coaching


 My Passion and Purpose is to:

Help People to Know Who They Truly Are and to

Create the Life They Really Want!” 


Life coaching is a process of clarifying your core values, looking at where your life is in and out of balance, creating goals, and also a vision for your life. We will then identify the next right steps to take to achieve your goals so you can create a life of more purpose, joy, grace, and ease.  Once you gain more clarity, taking the next authentic actions will become easier.  Coaching isn't happening unless you are taking action steps to move your life forward. Clarity is Power!

Would it be OK with you if your life got easier?

I am available for individual sessions from 45-60 minutes.  However, if you are planning on working on changing specific areas of your life it is recommended that we do a series of a minimum of 4 sessions.

All sessions will be done remotely through Zoom or Messenger.

Contact me for a FREE 20 minute initial consult to see what your specific coaching needs are.

I am here for you...

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" Josie has a gift for healing.  Over the years I have had numerous opportunities to benefit from these gifts.  She has mastered a wide variety of tools and techniques and can utilize whatever works best for an individual and any given circumstance.  Josie creates a safe and comfortable environment for you to share and heal.  I've used her services in person and over the phone and have found both to be equally effective."  

-Connie A.