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 My passion and purpose is to

Help people know who they truly are," and to

"Create the Life they really want!” 


My vision has expanded in the past few years and I think we are here to “Create Heaven On Earth!”  We can do that by discovering what our soul’s desires are. Part of coaching is clarifying your core values, looking at where your life is in and out of balance, creating a vision and setting intentions to create a life of purpose, joy, grace, and ease.

This coaching program is tailored for your individual needs, with several options to work for you. I do individual sessions, package of 4 sessions, package of either 3 twenty minute sessions per week. (I find that some clients benefit from shorter sessions on a daily basis.)  Whether its an hour session or simple check-in, we ensure active steps (big or small) are taken for your growth.  Coaching isn't happening unless there are action steps and you are moving forward on your path!


Our sessions can be done in person or by phone, Facetime or Zoom. 

Contact me for a FREE 20 minute initial consult to see what your specific coaching needs are.

I am here for you...


" Josie has a gift for healing.  Over the years I have had numerous opportunities to benefit from these gifts.  She has mastered a wide variety of tools and techniques and can utilize whatever works best for an individual and any given circumstance.  Josie creates a safe and comfortable environment for you to share and heal.  I've used her services in person and over the phone and have found both to be equally effective."  

-Connie A.

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For your Astrology chart, please visit the Services page for payment or send a Zelle payment  to Please include birth date, birth time, and birthplace!

For Coaching, please contact me for a FREE  20 minute consult to develop something specifically for you.