Soul-Centered Astrology

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by looking at your astrological chart?

Do you want to know your soul’s evolutionary path?

I have always been interested in Astrology but I came out of too many readings feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information I had received.  I have continued my study of Astrology the past 35 years and decided that I wanted to make it easier to understand for myself and others. 

I particularly love Evolutionary Astrology because it focuses on the evolution of the soul and what you are here to focus on and learn in this lifetime. I’ll often say 'I wish I would have had some of this information when I was younger and I think my path would have been a lot easier!'


    I have designed my 45 minute sessions to include the following

    areas in my client’s charts:


  • Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign

  • North and South Node - Your Soul’s Path and what you are here to learn in this lifetime. Your North Star!

  • Part of Fortune - Area of your life where you experience natural joy and abundance.

  • Venus Placement - How you express your love and how you want to be loved.

  • Chiron~the Wounded Healer~ - Where you were wounded as a child either physical, emotionally, spiritually and how you can turn that wound into you becoming the Wound Healer/Teacher to help others.


These sessions are meant to give you some basic information in these areas but you can contact me for a more in-depth reading as well what are the main transits occurring in your life currently.


I draw from my own life experience, knowledge, wisdom  and intuition to guide you on your path to creating a life filled with more joy, grace ease, wholeness and well-being.  I have had very positive responses to these readings and it is always my joy and honor to do these readings.

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Zodiac Chart

Ever since your astrology reading it has been so incredible.! It’s like a new
path is opening up for me. The reading you gave me validated the direction
in life for me. I’m really so grateful for that!

- H. R.

Relaxing on Hammock

Your reading gave me clarity about what direction I could take to heal my
little girl and my unconscious negative messages. Since the reading I’ve
felt more empowered and ready to let all the good come in!

- L. J.

Full Moon

Your reading about the eclipse was enlightening and it has allowed me to
let go of what is no longer serving me and to make space for new

- M. B.