Soul Wisdom Coaching

My Passion and Purpose is to:

“Help People to Know Who They Truly Are and to

Create the Life They Really Want!” 

Coaching is like having your own Guardian Angel!

I am here to guide you on your Spiritual Path and your Soul’s Journey during this time of Ascension.  I would love to help you to clarify your core values, take a look where your life is in and out of balance, and create a vision for your life with more joy, ease and grace. Together we will identify your goals and then the next right steps to manifesting those goals.  My intention is to help you design your life so you can express your unique souls’ gifts and life purpose.  It takes courage to follow your dreams, and, I am here to support you every step of the way!

I particularly love combining my gifts

and skills as a counselor, life coach intuitive and astrologer to offer a series of at least 4 sessions where I use astrology, inner child work, and coaching techniques to help you identify your innate strengths, gifts, heal the blocks sometimes created by the inner child, and develop the courage to take the next steps to move your life forward.  I will help you to learn to connect with your Higher Self and Inner Guidance for the best possible outcome in your life and in alignment with your Soul’s Purpose.


Clarity is Power!

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I am available for individual sessions from 45-60 minutes.  However, if you are planning on working on changing specific areas of your life it is recommended that we do a series of a minimum of 4 sessions. You can book a single session or a package of 4 below. 

Sessions can be done remotely through Zoom or FB Messenger and  I also offer in person sessions for those local to the Middleton WI area.  

Contact me for a FREE 20 minute initial consult to see what your specific coaching needs are.

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Old Book

Josie’s intuitive nature and ability to guide makes her a perfect coach. She
helps you to create a vision and find the right path to attain that vision.
Josie makes it a joyful process.”

- C.A.

Afternoon Light

One of the most profound things that I have learned from Josie is to trust
my inner wisdom. She has also helped me develop a collection of “tools”
that I use daily. Josie’s coaching is comprehensive in every sense of the

- F. J.

Olive Grove

Josie is supportive beyond measure: intuitive and innovative: empowering
and knowledgeable. Her coaching is about fully living and experiencing
life. It goes beyond language! I am so very grateful not to have to do it

- M. K.